Intermodal Services

Bridge Transport Modes Effortlessly with Tony’s Express Intermodal Solutions


Navigating intermodal logistics, whether involving containers or TOFC trailers, demands precision and expertise. Tony’s Express excels in this arena, ensuring seamless service moving in or out of domestic railyards. Our integrated approach, linking rail, road, and ship, not only guarantees smooth transitions but also eliminates potential extra costs inherent to intermodal operations.

Key Benefits of Intermodal Services

Efficient Transitions

With reduced wait-times and optimized turnarounds at ports and rail terminals, we ensure your shipments stay on track

Use of Own Chassis Pool

By utilizing our own chassis pool, we enhance flexibility and responsiveness, cutting down delays and ensuring faster cargo movement.


Integrating multiple transport modes under one solution brings down costs and elevates efficiency.

Real-time tracking

Monitor your cargo across all transport modes with our advanced, unified tracking system.

Why Choose Tony's Express for Intermodal services?


Strategic Advantage

With proprietary chassis pools and well-oiled operations, we curtail delays and sidestep storage costs, offering a tangible edge in intermodal logistics.


Advanced Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology, from pinpoint real-time tracking to intelligent route mapping, all tailored for intermodal efficiency.


Dedicated Partnership

We don’t just offer services; we build relationships. Every shipment, big or small, gets our undivided attention and custom-fit solutions.

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